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As I was sitting in the back of the police car, I remembered the countless times my father came home frustrated or humiliated by the cops when he had done nothing wrong. I felt his shame, his anger, and my own feelings of frustration for existing in a world where I have allowed myself to believe that “authority figures” could control my BEING… my ability to BE!

Danièle’s husband, Brian Lucas, who is white, says he believes they were targeted because they are an interracial couple.

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What we’re seeing in Ferguson is not just an isolated incident of mass police brutality. What we’re seeing now is people in a situation of dissent — people not only fighting for respect and dignity, but people fighting for their lives in the most literal sense of the word. The militarization of the police force in Ferguson is evidence that those who are authorized to use violence will take that to the highest level imaginable in order to suppress what they deem is a threat. Masses of oppressed people standing up, speaking out, expressing rage and sorrow and fear, people who are reacting to a very real threat of violence are met with violence. The rules of the game could change at any time… Right now across the country, LGBTQ people are winning marriage, we’re winning federal protections, but our survival is not ensured. What will happen to us when we fight for the lives of all queer people? What will happen to us if suddenly our struggle is viewed as a situation of dissent? These questions are not meant to derail from the tragedy that is happening in Ferguson, they are to remind us that when we see violence authorized and encouraged against oppressed people, we all are in danger.
katrina via The QPOC Speakeasy Speaking Out With Love To Mike Brown | Autostraddle (via autostraddle)
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